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Did you always want to produce your own music but you feel you lack the musical expertise to do so? I offer individual lessons for music production and gladly support you on your way to achieve your musical goals.

Lessons primarily focus on the musical aspects of production. How can music theory deepen my compositional skills and help me improving my songs/tracks? Why do some chord progressions sound good and others not, and what are chords at all? How can I develop a great melody, and how do I know which keys fit and which don't? Given a particular style, what are its typical rhythm/groove patterns? How can different instruments contribute to each other (be it in a harmonic, melodic or rhythmic way)? Why should I consider a particular form of music and how do I achieve the best arrangement? How can I create smooth (or fancy) transitions between parts? How can the energetic flow of my music be improved? What about different levels of dynamics? How do I modulate, compose polyphonic music, use different modes, adequately consider different types of articulation, create polyrhythmic patterns, ...?

We will focus on these and other aspects depending on your skills and preferences, doing exactly what is necessary to achieve the results you benefit most from:

(1) You lack the basics regarding the technical environment (using a DAW, working with midi and audio, etc.) and really want to start from scratch, getting familiar with both the technical and the musical aspects of music production;

(2) You are already familiar with the technical aspects but composed your songs/tracks mainly by ear so far, i.e. you have never learnt music theory and want to broaden your horizon to be able to achieve more;

(3) You are quite familiar with music theory and already have some or lots of experience, but you sometimes get stuck or struggle with particular aspects and would appreciate some external input to perfectionize your work.

Regardless of your musical background, each relevant aspect will be applied directly while composing your own music. Neither do you have to spend lots of money and time to learn the basics first, nor do you have to study tons of dry literature - you will acquire new skills easily throughout the process, which is also much more fun!

Fee: 60min/€35 or 90min/€45. You get a 50% discount on your first lesson. Every tenth lesson (of the same duration) is free. Lessons can be taught in English or German.

Feel free to drop me a message and let's start composing!
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