German Tutor Berlin (Berlin, Potsdam)
Learning German in Berlin in the privacy of your home

You wish to improve your chances on the job market here in Germany by speaking good German?
You plan on living in Berlin and talk to the locals?
You already live in Berlin and your German could be better ?

I am 59 years of age, a successful teacher for German, with years of experience working for the Goethe Institute.
I offer German classes for students of ALL levels.
Absolute beginners, intermediates, to those who just wish improve their grammar, vocabulary, daily life talking skills.

The class will be held in the privacy of your home or in one of the many cafes, taverns or bakeries all over Berlin.

The first meeting will be for you to get to know me, for me to evaluate your knowledge, your language skills.
I introduce my way of teaching to you, a good mix of theory and practical experience of the German language in every day communication situations.

We can focus on improving your language skills on your job.

The first class is of course FREE OF CHARGE.
Most of the material will be provided by me, as books be it grammar or literature as pdf.

Classes are 90 minutes per unit.

One unit is 40 EURO

Classes are held from 0800 am till 1000 pm seven days per week.
Classes are available in all of the Berlin city region. For Potsdam and other cities outside of Berlin
please contact me too, we can make arrangements.

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