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Vergütung: This is a non-paid vacancy - but with all profits split 50-50 if book is published

I am looking for a graphic designer/artist/dreamer to work with me to turn a dystopian/post-apocalyptic short story into a graphic novel. Please note that there is no money in this project - yet! My plan is that all profits will be split 50-50 once it is published.

The story is called, "The Girl in the Moon" (you can read the full story here via my blog: It would be great if we could reflect the strangeness of the story in graphic novel form. For instance, I don't think it should be a straight linear story, rather a haphazard one that reflects the girl's scattered mind. She escapes into fantasy a lot so we are never really sure if what she sees is real... at the end of the day she could be just crazy. Or maybe she just turned crazy as the world died. We can give it any direction we want - or we make it vague and leave it up to the reader to make up their own mind on what is happening.

Regarding art style, I am open to all ideas. The style could be extremely basic, complicated, or pop-art, or B&W/colour.... everything is open. As a full partner, this will be for you to decide as it will be your style, your art. It will be up to you to weave the images to words, to create something that is amazing (of course, we will be discussing all of this beforehand though).

Just one last thing: please make sure before replying that you can really commit to the project. I've had a couple of people in the past that started off really enthusiastic but had to pull out. If we do this, we should aim at having the novel completed and ready for submitting before the end of 2019 (or earlier).

What do you think? If this is something for you - please do get in touch. Really looking forward to hearing from you! Very important: please send me a few previous examples of work done so I get a sense of your style.

Talk soon! Shane
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