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Long time ago CL contact (Berlin)

So quite some time ago(years) I answered a random post on CL from a woman that was going through a rough patch. She wrote in her post that she just wanted to be held. I messaged her and we wrote back and forth while she vented about what she was going through and she said that that helped.

Some time afterwards, maybe another year or more I was going through a rough patch as well. Thinking of this woman and not knowing where to turn to in this city I wrote a random post just seeking someone to talk to. The first responder ended up being this same woman whom said she had just thought about this time. We chatted warmly and never connected. This was some years ago...

Now, I am just sincerely wondering who this person was and how is she doing. Not sure why but I just started to think of her quite intently and I would like to meet her maybe in person this time and find out how she is doing.

I know this is a long shot and I have no idea what she even looks like but would like to at least know how she is doing. She seemed like someone maybe I should have paid more attention to.

Here's hoping.
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