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FUCHS AGRIFARM UTTO VT is an Ultra high-performance oil (UTTO/MFO) for use in transmission and hydraulic systems with integrated wet brakes, clutches and differentials for agricultural and construction machinery. Due to a careful selection of base oils and additive technology an excellent wear protection, a good viscosity and temperature behaviour and best friction property is certain. Special additives also guarantee outstanding deceleration performance combined with a high capability of noise suppression over the full oil drain.Agrifarm UTTO VT is a premium multifunctional oil for use in transmission / hydraulic systems with integrated wet brakes and / or wet clutches as well as axles and differential locks in agricultural and construction machinery. By choosing special base oils and additives, Agrifarm UTTO VT ensures excellent wear protection, very good viscosity-temperature behavior and excellent friction behavior. Its special additive composition ensures excellent braking effect and prevents noise over the entire oil change interval.Thanks to a carefully selected oil base with a package of additives, it provides excellent protection against wear, good viscosity and temperature parameters as well as excellent friction parameters. To ensure that the work parameters are maintained at the highest level, it is recommended that all machines connected to the agricultural tractor transmission and hydraulic system work on Agrifarm Utto VT. The oil is miscible and compatible with conventional, multifunctional brand oils, however, admixtures of foreign oils should be avoided as they may adversely affect the oil performance. Top quality, UTTO / MFO oil, designed for use in gear and hydraulic systems with integrated so-called. wet brakes, clutches and differentials mounted in agricultural and construction machines.
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