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FUCHS ANTICORIT SYNTH is based on fully synthetic universal oil with mild odour and excellent penetration properties. The product leaves a thin oily and transparent film with an outstanding corrosion protection. This film can be removed easily with low alkaline cleaners. Best on the unique lubrication effect squeaking and stick-slip effects will be minimised. The dewatering effect and excellent cleaning ability of ANTICORIT SYNTH secures electrical contacts, this means the product can be used for initial aid of engines. The product can be applied as a simple cutting oil, too.The areas of application of this universal corrosion protection spray range from industry, workshops, to the household up to the sports and hobby area. The Anticorit Synth Spray is sprayed directly onto the part to be preserved. It creeps perfectly in joints and crevices. After drying, a thin, non-resinated, highly effective protective film remains. This spray is equipped with a ball valve and a spray hose so that it can be sprayed from any position. The indicated characteristic values refer to the propellant-free product. which thanks to its excellent creeping action is able to loosen even rusted or stuck mechanics. It leaves an oily, transparent, non-sticky film, with the best corrosion protection properties, which is easy to remove with neutral or slightly alkaline cleaners.ANTICORIT SYNTH SPRAY is applied directly on the surface. It penetrates excellent in gaps and jointing’s. After drying, the product forms a highly effective, thin and a not resinifying protection film. The spray can is equipped with a ball valve and a sprinkler hose, an application out of every position is herewith possible. The typical properties listed in the table reflecting the pure product without blowing gas.ANTICORIT SYNTH is free of silicones, Teflon, graphite, MoS2, CFC and heavy metals.ANTICORIT SYNTH can be used in the industry, in service garages, in housekeeping and in sports or hobby fields.Application is possible by wipping, brushing, dipping or spraying. The security standards have to be considered.
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