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FUCHS ECOCOOL MK 6 is mineral oil-based, water-miscible cutting fluid which mixes easily and forms a stable emulsion. ECOCOOL MK 6 is free of secondary amines and thus conforms to German TRGS 611. SELTEC FZC, a well established Free Zone entity manned by professionals with a combined experience of more than 40 years. We are the Stockist with nearly 4000 product lines in stock and use a world class tracking and delivery network for optimum delivery networks and are manned by professionals to handle the consultation and consolidation with service to the industries.We are located in 3 Emirates to have an ease of supplies. In UAE, SELTEC FZC is an authorized distributor of FUCHS Lubricants from Germany, Kobo Chains from GERMANY, Walther Prazision Couplings from Germany, Electronica EDMS, Wire Cuts and CNC Machines, Fluimax Diaphragm pumps, Vacuum Cleaner, High Pressure Cleaners, Fluid Mixing Stations. We carry stocks for all major Industrial applications; a huge variety of Lubricants and Greases along with Sales, Service, and Delivery. Excellent corrosion protection enabling greater dilution and therefore lower cutting fluid consumption Low foaming Extraordinary pH stability resulting from its long lasting buffer components giving longer emulsion life, greater protection against corrosion and less cutting fluid consumption Especially good skin compatibility Suitable for use in individually filled machines as well as in central circulation systems, with which ferrous metals are machined.ECOCOOL MK 6 is recommended for the precision machining of common materials, e.g. aluminium and steel.
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