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FUCHS PLANTOGEL 000 S 00 is a semi fluid grease based on lithium-calcium soap and readily biodegradable esters.PLANTOGEL 000 S is water resistant, prevents from corrosion as well as wear and tear, is oxidation-resistant and can be well conveyed in central lubrication systems. PLANTOGEL 000 S contains EP additives to improve the lubricant film’s pressure compensation properties.PLANTOGEL 000 S was specially developed for lubricating roller bearings and bushes via centralized lubrication systems of machine tools, trucks and construction equipment. Also it is used on low and medium loaded gears.PLANTOGEL 000 S is an environmentally harmless freeflowing grease based on rapidly biodegradable raw materials.PLANTOGEL 000 S is non-toxic and has been allocated to the Water Pollution Category 0. (This category indicates non-water polluting substances)Environmentally compatible, readily biodegredable EP multipurpose grease based on lithium soap and synthetic esters for the lubrication of plain and roller bearings. Semi-fluid EP (Extreme Pressure) grease, readily biodegradable, for centralized lubrication systems of vehicle engines, industrial machinery, and machine tools. For municipal gearboxes and equipment. The manufacturer's recommendations should be followed.PLANTOGEL 000 S is used for lubrication of roller and friction bearings in commercial vehicles and construction machinery with central lubrication points. Furthermore, PLANTOGEL 000 S is used in gear systems which are exposed to low to medium loads.
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