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FUCHS PLANTOGEL 2-N is an environmentally-friendly grease based on calcium soap and renewable, rapidly biodegradable rape seed oil.PLANTOGEL 2-N has excellent lubricating properties and offers good wear protection. It is water resistant, has an excellent adhesive capacity and protects against corrosion.The combination of rape seed oil and anhydrous calcium soap is a perfect supplement of thickener and base oil with regard to temperature capability and range of application. Calcium soap is toxicologically safe. PLANTOGEL 2 N has excellent lubricating properties and offers wear protection. PLANTOGEL 2 N is water resistant, has an excellent adhesive capacity and protects against corrosion. Do not use PLANTOGEL 2 N for wheel hubs, universal shafts and hot water pumps. Do not mix PLANTOGEL 2 N with other greases. The minimum shelf life is 12 months if the product is properly stored between 0°C and 40°C in its unopened original container in a dry place. The indication of a minimum shelf life does not includeany guarantee of durability.The information contained in this product information is based on the experience and know-how of FUCHSEUROPE SCHMIERSTOFFE GMBH in the development and manufacturing of lubricants and represents the current state-of-the-art. The performance of our products can be influenced by a series of factors, especially the specific use, the method of application, the operational environment, component pre-treatment, possible external contamination, etc. For this reason, universally-valid statements about the function of our products are not possible. The information given in this product information represents general, non-binding guidelines. No warranty expressed or implied is given concerning the properties of the product or its suitability for any given application.
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