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FUCHS PLANTOSYN 3268 is an environmentally friendly, high-performance hydraulic and lubricating oil based on saturated synthetic esters. It is designed for the toughest demands in construction machinery, earth moving equipment, forestry and agriculture machineries. Suitable also for loading cranes, floor conveyor vehicles and hydraulic platform systems in trucks.PLANTOSYN 3268 is the environmentally friendly alternative to mineral oil based hydraulic fluids.PLANTOSYN 3268 is recommended by leading manufacturers of machinery and hydraulic components. The product is not water-soluble. If leakage occurs or oil is lost, e.g. if a hydraulic hose bursts, PLANTOSYN 3268 is held largely in the upper layers of the soil, where it is rapidly biodegraded. PLANTOSYN 3268 is rapidly biodegradable, > 60% according to the world-wide accepted OECD 301 B test.PLANTOSYN 3268 is recommended for use in hydraulic systems which require engine oils or hydraulic fluids of corresponding viscosity classes (ISO VG 32, 46, 68). The operating temperatures should be between – 30 °C and 100 °C.Temperatures above 100 °C are permitted for a short period. After changing over to PLANTOSYN 3268, the oil filters in the hydraulic system should be inspected after 50 hours of operation and be replaced if necessary, in the interest of operating safety. The change-over guidelines according to ISO 15380 should be observed.
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