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The oils of the FUCHS PLANTOTAC HV series are tacky oils based on natural materials that are rapidly biodegradable. PLANTOTAC HV oils have excellent wear protection and high lubricating film strength. Because of the good adhesive properties of the PLANTOTAC HV oils, the friction coefficient is reduced to a minimum. The high lubricating film strength insures optimum lubrication even with fast-running machines under high load.IT IS MOTION, THAT DRIVES Lubricants keep the world LUBRICANTS ARE HIGH-TECH LUBRI- DYNAMIC in motion. They guarantee smooth processes and increase their efficiency. And OUR WORLD Research and development form the basis of the success CANTS FOR THE INDU- STRIAL SECTOR Industrial oils they ensure workplace safe- of FUCHS. With advanced Industrial greases ty and cleanliness. manufacturing plants in Metal-working fluids Germany and a full line of Corrosion preventives LUBRICANTS INCREASE lubricants, FUCHS fulfils the and Specialties PRODUCTIVITY most sophisticated, custo- They help maintain the va- mer-specific demands. SO THAT EVERYTHING lue of machinery, plant and WORKS SMOOTHLY. products. They lower energy HIGH-TECH LUBRICANTS NOW AND IN THE consumption and make an FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE FUTURE. important contribution to SECTOR environmental protection. Engine and gear oils Just one example: The more Shock absorber fluids than 150 environmentally Greases friendly, rapidly biodegrada- Antifreezes and ble PLANTO lubricants, ma- Specialties ny of which have been awarded the Blue Angel environmental seal.The oils of the PLANTOTAC HV series are mainly used for lubricating so called lubrication loss points, e.g. bearings, guide rails on sawing grids, joints, bolts for paper, packaging and printing machines, in the wood processing industry where oils with good adhesive properties are required.
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