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Particularly good miscibility with HCFC refrigerants, such as R22. Suitable for very low evaporation temperatures down to -80 °C. RENISO SP products are also recommended for use with Drop-In refrigerants (R402A/B, R401A/B, etc.). Due to their excellent stability RENISO S/SP - products are suitable for the lubrication of highly stressed refrigerant compressors.RENISO SP 220 is especially designed for the lubrication of screw compressors.This Refrigeration Oil is a high performance fully synthetic refrigeration lubricant specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of most modern refrigeration and air conditioning systems from major equipment manufacturers. This oil is formulated from the highest quality dialkyl benzene base fluids and provide excellent protection against oxidation degradation, wear and rust & corrosion.eCompressedair is an independent supplier of aftermarket compressor replacement parts and is not affiliated with manufacturers mentioned in this web site. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) names are the trademarks of each manufacturer. On products marked "equivalent" or "replacement," OEM names and part numbers are for reference only. Our Fuchs Reniso SP46 lubricant is formulated from an Alkylbenzene synthetic blend and specifically formulated to function under the most stringent requirements of CFCs, HCFCs refrigerants such as R11, R12, R13, R22, R113, R114, R123, R124, R401a, R401b, R402a, R402b, R403b, R460a, R408a, R409a, R500 R502, R503, and r717. This product has inherent inertness and enhances system efficiency.The FUCHS RENISO S/SP series are fully synthetic, alkylbenzene-based refrigeration oils with anti-wear properties for chlorine-containing refrigerants. Sophisticated production processes ensure that the RENISO S/SP products are sulphur- and wax-free. RENISO S/SP products were developed for critical applications especially when good anti-wear properties are required. Compared to equiviscous, mineral oil-based refrigeration oils, the following wear protection values were established: Four ball scardiameter (1 h at 150 N).
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