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The FUCHS RENOLIN CLPF SUPER oils are industrial gear oils which combine the properties of chemical antiwear additives (phosphorus-sulphur chemistry) with physically active anti-wear layers (molybdenum disulphide – MoS2). The synergistic effect of phosphorus-sulphur additives of the latest generation with MoS2 guarantees highest anti-wear performance and extremely high load carrying capacity. The physically active layers of MoS2 guarantee excellent lubricity at low temperature over a wide range of working conditions. The RENOLIN CLPF SUPER oils offer excellent ageing stability and very good corrosion protection. The MoS2 as solid lubricant ensures reliable wear protection even under shock loads and unfavourable operating conditions. The MoS2 dampens vibrations and noise. Smoothing of previously-damaged tooth flanks in gear sets is observed. The solid lubricant MoS2 can also increase the load carrying capacity by smoothing damaged surfaces (increase of the specific surface). Selected detergent / dispersant components dissolve the solid lubricant stable in the base oil and guarantee excellent wetting of metal surfaces in practice. Therefore the phosphorussulphur- as well as the MoS2-components can ensure the anti-wear / extreme pressure performance.The RENOLIN CLPF SUPER oils are used for all kinds of industrial applications where the manufacturer recommends the use of a vibration and noise-dampening industrial gear oil, type CLP according to DIN 51 517-3. The RENOLIN CLPF SUPER products can be recommended for highlystressed,highly-loaded bearings, joints, pressing screws, spur and worm gears and spindles.RENOLIN CLPF SUPER can be used up to 100°C and even at brief peak temperatures up to 120- 150°C. TheRENOLIN CLPF SUPER oils are particularly suited for lubricating impact crushers and gears subjected to shock load reversals.
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