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Hydraulic and lubricating oils made from selected base oils with additives to improve ageing stability and corrosion protection. The products in the FUCHS RENOLIN DTA series are hydraulic and lubricating oils according to DIN 51524-1 (HL) and DIN 51517-2 (CL), mineral oil-based, demulsifying, and zinc-free. Application Demulsifying lubricating oils for circulation system and bearing lubrication. Superbly suited for use as a pressure medium for all applications in mobile and stationary hydraulic systems for which the use of a zinc-free hydraulic oil according to DIN 51524-1 (HL) is recommended.RENOLIN DTA oils are also excellently suited for high-temperature operating conditions, which occur in calenders and lubricating systems in roller stands, for example. Products from the RENOLIN DTA series have also been proven most effective in vacuum pumps. Low foaming tendency,Good air release properties,High ageingresistance ,Good corrosion protection,Good viscosity-temperature behavior,Wear-protecting,High oxidation resistance.
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