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Class....One owner from new, me. She's been all over the world a few times .Spent 15 years as my main piece being played through a custom made sovtek to the left and a vintage fender twin on the right. She has some journey scars, but considering how many fat hairy rodies threw her onto buses, planes, boats she came out of it well. She is tuff. Plays like a dream and the neck is like butter. All original you see, made in the Fugi-gen plant. She has a Nirvana connection. I was in a band with the same management and the connection is when Krist novoselic came to London for the first time with Sweet 75 for a show at the folk society in Camden we hooked up that day and jammed for a few hours with the Mustang... The price of the Mustang is not because of that it's because it's what its worth. That story is a side dish.. with a real nice 35mm padded bag but for shipping I would also put her in a box . .
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