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Bedingung: ausgezeichnet
Marke/Hersteller: UDS
Modell/Nummer: Marsh

Here's for sale soviet vintage 6 channel analog drum module Marsh UDS.
This drum synthesizer was manufactured at 80's in Omsk sity and has 6 identical channels of analog drum synthesis with Tone and Noise section on each channel and balance between them.
Every channel can be triggered from drum pads or from any audio source like Line Outputs of the drum machine, soundcard etc. by sending any`click` sound to the Marsh trigger inputs. No midi.
Unit was revised and checked for pots, audio path and condensator and capacitor renewal. Very good cosmetic condition, the ocasional marks of usage and few scratches, no major defects though. Drum pads not included. Instrument works at 220V with EU plug.

Controls on the front panel:
— control indicators
— tone (time/frequency)
— HF- LF
— glissando
— ballance
— noise duration
— ON - OFF
— frequency resonance
— level
# channel(1-6)
output (1-6)

Right (General dimensions):
— LF-timbre-HF
— volume
— output left/right channel
— headphones

Back panel:
— trigger's inputs (1-6)
— sensitivity
— output (left+right)
— Mains

Weight, 5 kg (approx. 11 lbs)

Testing and pickup in Berlin or shipping possible.
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