post zu favoriten ROKTON Formanta UDS Vintage Analog Soviet USSR Synth/Drum Machine - €450 (Wedding) dieses posting verbergen einbl.


Bedingung: ausgezeichnet
Marke/Hersteller: Formanta
Modell/Nummer: Rokton

Selling a rare soviet drum + synth machine - Formanta ROKTON.
I'm sorry to depart with it but im not using it much and its taking space in my room studio setup.
In attachment i can give you the schematics and a small quickstart guide, since everything is in russian and hard to decipher.
I also include EU power adapter. Check the links to get insight of the sound.
Testing possible, pickup in Berlin or sending at buyers expense.


"Formanta UDS is powerfull 7 channel analog drum synthesizer, produced by the same FORMANTA factory in Kachkanar city where mades famous Polivoks synths in eighties. It has 5 identical channels (which can be used freely) for BASS DRUM, HIGH TOM, MIDDLE TOM, LOW TOM, SNARE and two channels for Hi-hats and Cymbals. The synth has also built-in beatbox with 16 patterns. The beatbox and the synthesizer are independent modules so they can work at the same time freely. And you can tweak the generators of the beatbox patterns. Full freedom. Each channel has trigger Input on a standart 1/4 mono Jack and two additional Inputs for pedals. It can be triggered from drum pads like Simmons or any audio source - Line Outs of the drum machine or soundcard etc. The synth has two parallel mono Outs (1/4 Jack and 5Din) and two parallel stereo Outs (left-right on 1/4 Jacks and 5Din). It also has 5Din socket for Rhythm-Stick hand controller. This is an armored antitank piece of gear and the sound it produces is very unique!"
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