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I'm 27 years old and i'd like to start a new project that combines melodic house music with live performance on synths and vocals. I'd like to (re)work old and new music this project, if it works out we could probably start a full band, but at the moment i like the idea of a stripped-down project since i'm already playing in two other bands.

I'm mostly interested in singers, but other instruments (especially classical instruments) could also be cool.

Feel free to contact me and send me some meaningful recordings of your own music, so that we can probably meet. I'm not that much interested in hearing coverversions, unless its something really creative. No beginners please!

Stephan (btw., I'm german but i was to lazy to write this in two languages...)

Some music that i did in the past:
  • ne PAS me contacter pour des services ou offres non requises

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