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Let me get right to it..
Basics have already been recorded and i have thise session in a remote drive.
All session where done on Ableton software which I am not seasoned on as far as engineering..
I need to lay down about 12 keyboard tracks total at about two key tracks per tune..
I need an engineer to record me in there studio/apt etc that is familiar with Ableton and can make corrections as we go etc..
The parts are easy and not complex..
Id need someone familiar with running midi as well as printing all finished parts..
Ideally wed ise one of your keyboards as a slave keyboard to use with the keys software fikes i have so we hook everything up, make sure all fikes are seen in your system,set up the slave keys to run the keyboard software thats on my laptop so i can access it to lay down the tracks..
The songs are basic in structure so no classical million note challenges.
We’d just make fixes as we go...
I can do about 25$ an hour and i think it will be about four to five sessions at four to five hours a pop..
If you have time and can handle the criteria lets talk..
Im looking to get it done asap..
Please reach out with any samples of your work and availability if this is of interest to you..
PS ....Ive already heard from some questionable people pitching one rate then before meeting to begin working they double the rate..
Ive been a professional musician for 20 years so really its a small budget to just some overdubs done
And from that more work down the road more than likely...
Best and thanks!!
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