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What I am looking for:
I am a drummer with a rather varied background. I would like to connect with other musicians who are / wish to be socio-politically engaged through music - to co-create a new music project which explores the intersection of the music and politics. The issues that I care about a lot about are racism and discrimination, human rights, sexism and other different forms of contemporary oppressive structures.

What type of music:
Whether it’s rap, hip-hop, alt, funk or something else, I am open to different genres. We could combine various influences, genres and find our own sweet spot. I stay committed to the fact that the beauty lies in expressing even the strongest and most powerful messages melodically. But it doesn’t always have to be that way all the time. RATM are still gods.. and I can also do some metal drumming 😊

What will we do with the project:
First, have fun jamming, making music and grooving together; share the love for music; and voice concern about some issues which should have no place in our society! Second, if the collaboration goes well, perhaps do some live stuff in some of the smaller venues in Berlin. I can probably arrange for a rehearsal space which comes equipped with some amps, drums etc.

Next steps:
If you also care about the issues I mentioned above and play some strings / keys / wind instruments OR sing / rap / yodel / write or anything else relevant.. let’s get in touch and find a time to play some music together and see how we get along.
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