post zu favoriten anyone who had Hallucination/ Psychosis/ Miraculous experience? (Berlin) dieses posting verbergen einbl.


I am looking for individuals who have had Hallucinations / Miraculous events / Psychosis etc before, who are willing to share their story. (Preferably non psychedelics-induced.)

I am 28 years old, female visual artist working in the topic of storytelling / sensitivity / question of reality.
I have had hallucinations and experiences of intense synchronicity in 2016 which changed the way I view Life completely.

I would like to interview you. It will be summarised, written down as a story based on the interview.
Your identity or any private information like face, gender or name, will be kept private.
So far I have interviewed a few people, and am looking for two more individuals, preferably female.

I am developing an art project, which core lies in collected stories that cast question of reality. The stories will be shown along with video installation work. I would like to share with others, glimpse of your and my stories in a poetic and heartening way, to share the feeling of living from different perspective.

I'm down to earth and have faith in science, however I am also open to and in touch with ”supernatural” or "spiritual" experiences.

(As a side project, I make some figurative prints like this, I'd like to give you one for your story.)
Please ask me any questions regarding the project!
Looking forward to hearing from you,

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