>>>>>>>>>>ARTIST DEVELOPMENT for songwriters and singers<<<<<<<<<< (Berlin)

You are stuck at home but you have some songs and ideas you believe in, but you don’t know how to sing them properly and bring your recordings to radio-ready-level, you don’t know how to build a band, attract the right fans (or fans at all) and most importantly you don’t know how to plan your music career, how to understand the music industry and how eventually live out of it. How to go from A to B.

And all this is even way harder when you are alone…

I will help you to analyze and accomplish your goals with a step by step, realistic strategy. How to bring your singing to a professional level, improve your songwriting skills, produce your own recordings and how to have people excited waiting for you to release the songs, and be able to perform them with ease and without anxiety.

How to promote your music without spamming anyone or betraying your own artistic standards.

Having a successful music career has nothing to do with talent. If you don’t agree.. turn on the radio and witness all that crappy bands, in the other hand you have people with great songs (like probably you) that don’t even have a shot at making a living. So what makes the difference? Talented people tend to get stuck managing themselves, and I want to help. I will be your assistance, your GPS, I will advise you on singing, marketing, music production or stage presence. Your success is my success.

I’m a professional musician (you will find 8 of my albums in major streaming platforms under the name "Ed Richwood") and vocal coach that happens to spend all the time sharing and supporting other musician’s process.

What I’m offering is a process, with weekly sessions where we address the weaknesses and check the improvement in your music project, going home knowing exactly what to do and feeling excited to implement them.

The price of the sessions is 30€ and they are 45 minutes long and they have to be weekly for a few months. If you are ready to invest in your dream, being serious and professional about it and want more information or have any questions, don’t hesitate writing me!

Ed Richwood
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