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Why I'm probably giving the best modern singing lessons in Berlin?:

-Because I can bring ANYONE to a TOP-STAR-LEVEL-SINGING. Singing any note, no matter how high or low, with power and easiness. It will definitely take some work, but it will be one of the most satisfying works you ever made. You just need to understand how your voice works and train in the right approach!

-I teach people what they want to learn. Just that. No filler methodologies. Just what you want, just what you need. Besides some obvious basics, if you want to sing soul music, I teach you soul singing. If you want to sing metal, I teach you metal stile. If you just want to find your voice, I will release it to the point that everyone around you will be surprised!

-Because most singing teachers in Berlin are classical teachers =0 (No matter what they say, modern singing is different from classical for many reasons!!)

-Because I've been trained with the most successfully modern singing techniques, used by stars from commercial to alternative backgrounds, and I use the latest improved exercises and new vocal discoveries

-Because my students always go further than they've could imagine before!

- ONLY ONE VACANCY LEFT FOR 30eur/LESSON!!!!!!!!!!!! (* this price is only under a fair agreement for weekly lessons )

Take a look at my site, with articles, tips and info. New article: ARE GOOD SINGERS BORN OR MADE?

Lessons in Spanish and English
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