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You play blues since long but you are not completey satisfied in your playing. It's like you know you can arrive there where you want, but there's a missing link to reach that point.

That's why you are searching the right tips and advice to finally discover how to play better and in the same direction of the great blues players.

In my music career I got some really helpful feedback from music mentors, music friends and of course from carefully listening to the greats of the blues.

Now I want to share what I found with you.

That's why I offer a course divided in 6 subjects.

- The Rhythm
- How to properly comp
- Scales through the chords
- Bending / Vibratos
- Blues Players - Style Analysis
- Effortless Mastery + Singing The Blues

Yes, 6 subjects and that's it. No infinte lessons numbers or unclear music programs. I am teaching you only and exclusively the blues, no mixed genres, no unrealizable targets or complicated theory.

My course will start and will finish; and at the end you'll have the necessary tools to understand, practice and improve your playing to finally find out your voice on the guitar.

What I am talking about is "feeling" which is a fundamental component to play every kind of music in the right way.

You can hear some of my music here:

If you're interested drop me a line and I can send you all the details.

Thank you so much and let's keep the blues alive. PAOLO.
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