Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons (Berlin (Neukölln))

Improve your skills and understanding of guitar with practical applications of theory and harmony.

My focus is to help you obtain a clear and deep awareness of the fundamentals, how the fabric of music; melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre, functions as a unity and how it can be formed and reformed.

The lessons are custom made!

We set goals together, and with targeting exercises and repertoire, we aim to overcome your shortcomings, build technique, assist you in demystifying the fretboard and learn how to perform and improvise melodically and satisfyingly.

About me:
I´m a professional guitarist and composer, I have studied in the Greek National School of Music and have a Master Guitarist certification from the Berklee College of Music, Boston. I have performed in most EU countries, solo or in ensembles and I have a lot of teaching experience.

I only work with a small selection of students, and I treat each of them individually. I teach at my home studio in Neukölln.

If you are interested to learn more and discuss my approach or take lessons, feel free to contact me.

€35/60 minutes or €50/90 minutes

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