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industrial rock/industrial hiphop, c'mon (Berlin)

I have already some good tracks.
Maybe we can do others. Don't know. I'm open minded. I would be interested in making an industrial hiphop band if I find a very good singer (like I don't know... Death Grips for example?)
I have all the material we need.
We can rehearse everything in my house (I'm at 1hour from Berlin but fck it, I want Berlin, 1hour is nothing).
I'm looking in priority for a bass player. A drummer would be great, but bass player first.

Here is my sound. If you feel it, write me something:

I don't wanna talk about money or contract. Fck $$$. Try the passion first. For the moment, the goal is to perform the tracks as sincere as possible on stage.
If you're dark inside, crazy outside and wanna rockin the stage like NIN did in the 90's, you totally fit to my project.
Any genders are welcome.

Languages: French, English (I can German, but you'll need an English basis)
Matt (matmix at hotmail dot com)
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