post zu favoriten drummer here for punk with attitude (Berlin) dieses posting verbergen einbl.

the world's crazier than ever and i've decided to channel all that anger and hatred - well at least a part of it - towards some kick ass punkrocking. there's no alternative? of course there is! there's no such thing as class? of course there is!

who's in? i have a room and would like to meet and play once a week on average.

i enjoy the old school punk and oi from the UK, some German punk from the 80ies and also some of the more modern 'streetpunk' stuff. i don't wanna do a lot of experimenting meaning that song structures should be forward going and not too complex. i like it when there's good sing a long chorus and shoutings. also it'd be great to have women in the band!

let's show that punk still got something to say in the 21st century!
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