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Inclusive band looking for live drummer (Kreuzberg)

Our band has some upcoming gigs and we're looking for a live drummer, who is into Punk and really got their half time down. We recorded a Demo EP recently, that we could send you, so you can figure out if you like or sound.

We're female identifying feminists, so that ideally we'd like to play with someone, who's not opposed to question gender, status, privilege.... As we've been playing in different bands for a while, we would prefer playing with someone, who has not only been in a band already, but also feels confident enough behind the drums.

I find it hard to say who we sound like, but we've been told that we apparently show influences of : PJ Harvey, Kathleen Hanna, Sonic Youth, No Wave (Lydia Lunch), 90's Indie Rock, Riot Grrrl bands.

We're stoked to hear from you!
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