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Hey there! Have you ever wanted to learn Jazz Piano? Maybe you've had classical piano lessons in the past but you're now interested in moving into the direction of Pop, Jazz, R&B? Or perhaps you're a complete beginner? That's fine too.

I'm a professional Keyboard player and Jazz Pianist here in Berlin and I'm also offering lessons. These lessons can include things like Improvisation, learning how to build jazz chords, solo piano arrangements, or even things like exploring how to use Synthesisers and Organs, I like to tailor these lessons to suit the goals of each individual student.

Englisch ist natürlich meine Muttersprache und es fällt mir leichter auf Englisch zu unterrichten, ich könnte aber auch auf Deutsch unterrichten!

The lessons at my place in Steglitz (on my fully weighted keyboard) are €30 per hour, if you would prefer lessons at your place, we would have to discuss this and based on where you live I could give you a price that covers my travel time.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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