Seeking sweet BUSKING companionship (Berlin)

Hello my dear colleagues,

I am calling out for sweet BUSKING companionship!

My current musical attempt is to develop a BLACK MUSIC REPERTOIRE in which I wish to include Jamaican Old School tunes.

Are there any voices, brass, drummers, guitar, bass players willing to join a little Afro AMERICAN adventure with me for 7 weeks in Berlin?

My name is Alondra. I was born in a chilean family of folk players, grew up my musical taste around the Latinamerican rhythms richness and had lately been falling in love with all the Black American musical diversity. Particularly Caribbean Old School songs... Have you tried playing CALYPSO, a predecessor of Reggae, they say? Have you heard Toots and the Maytals?

I am mainly a lead VOICE learning from black singers. Would love to explore that world more with you and come out with a repertoire of a range of Afroamerican tunes. Would that sound appetizing for you?

Future dreams have also to do with this. After few years in Europe, I just moved to Valdivia, Chile (where I wish to invite you all, redeem makers, to join a creative basement of musicians and other artist). But had to come to Europe shortly and I hope to make my time here melodious and accompanied!

My stay is Berlin will last for 7 weeks. I hope to start meeting musicians from arrival (on August 20th!) and develop a repertoire straight away to go busking here and there. (Would you also join me to play some weekends in Switzerland? I have been touring there before and it goes great!)
Do you have a special connection to any Afroamerican rhythm/style?

Really open to any of your contributions to build this little black vibe experiment, that who knows if could get us further...

If you feel touched by the melodies brought from Africa and reshaped all around the Abya Yala - so-called The Americas-, we might have something to share!

Lets groove, please!

Contact me asap >>
Whatsapp: +34 625 038 360

Alondra (Alouette:)
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