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I'm 'new' in Berlin and I'm looking for a Band or some players.
I write my own songs too and I used to work as Profi in the past with some official release and so on.
I'm over 40 but still young and damned inside. I'M CRAZY AND I'M A BEAST ONSTAGE.
I'm not looking for a Hobby band, but for some serious sh*t with people that don't wanna die in a Garage holding his beer, but have still the balls to go onstage and work hard in the studio!

Style: any.
I'm very open minded but I used to work a lot with Alt music, such as Rock (in every of his form), Metal, Country, Blues, Garage but also Wave, Electro, Hip Hop, Ska, Rockabilly, etc etc etc

No cover bands please!

Cheers Rick
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