Vocalist wanted for experimental Band

We’re a drummer, a bass player and a guitarist (all mid/end 20) with enough equipment for gigs/recording. Our sound is a mix of a lot of things like noise, industrial, postrock, but also ambient and drone.
As we’re interested in the physical aspect of sound we play with high volume (also at practices).

For our vocals we're open for everything (spoken word, screaming, chants, ...)
No need to be technically good singer, as long as you can perform lyrics in a convincing way. Ideally you’re mentally unhinged enough to let yourself go during performances but organized enough to reliably come to band practice regularly.

If you are interested, send us some information about yourself like what music you like and what your musical interest is.
Feel also free to send us any of your previous work, so we can see if it fits for us.
We can send you some live recordings so you get an idea of what we are doing.
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