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Hi, are you a musician/dancer/artist on a budget who need photos or a video? Let's talk about it!

I'm an Italian professional photographer and filmmaker, 14 years of experience on the field, I like capturing atmospheres and emotions in the most possible poetic and artistic way, I like to use images like a musician uses notes.

I'm specialized in documentary and backstage photography, music, dance and portrait video, corporate, documentaries and commercials.

I usually take care of everything, from the concept to the final product, but I can work also with your ideas, I've all the photo and video equipment I need to cover all the possible requests.

I'm a open minded and very easy going person, I've very reasonable prices, in line with the Berlin's low incomes.

Here you can check my website I made it entirely by myself, so if you need help also for your website, your logo or if you're are looking for an art director too, we can discuss about it.

You can find more images on my Vogue portfolio

on my Instagram page

and more videos on my Vimeo page

Contact me to discuss your idea or project, let's find a deal!
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