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€570 / 72m2 - Gorgeous huge 1bd Wedding Feb-oct or one yr! sublet / share later (wedding)

72m2 Verfügbar FEB 1

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LOOKING FOR A SPECIAL SUBLET PERSON / I am offering the sublet
7/8 months to one year BUT YOU MUST READ WHOLE THING TO EXPLAIN !!

I am SUBLETTING my space from february (or march) - october or ONE YEAR.
with the possibility i may give the lease over the person/not sure…

I am in a very tricky situation in my life.
I love my Berlin life… I do not want to leave and hopefully I can
save my space finding a GOOD, TRUSTING, DECENT QUIET FEMALE
but right now, I have a family health emergency (which has been ongoing) and i have to be
away several months, maybe even a year… and i need someone
who will FIT IN here, hopefully speak german, and not bring too much
attention to the fact i have to be away. Someone who doesnt’ have furniture
and someone who doesn’t have an issue with SHARING the space if i need
to come back !!

570 a month for a one bedroom, huge 72 qm space in Wedding near SEE STRASSE UBAHN,
centrally located. small bathroom with shower, huge kitchen, and huge living room.
There are 2 balconies. The apt is stunning, everyone loves the decor (antiques)
You hear the birds in the morning, and if you want to start
a garden on the balcony the landlord would love you!

The person who comes in here has to be easy to communicate with, respectful
of other people, CONSCIOUS, aware, and awake please and WORKING!!
This building is OLD SCHOOL, i.e. people live here for over 20 years,
they don’t care as long as there is quiet, and respect for each other’s lives,
so no coming in at 3 am, slamming doors etc.
Someone who enjoys the space as a sanctuary to come home to, to write, but
no parties. There are so many amazing YOGA spaces round here.
There are green parks here and wonderful walking and Plotzensee is
down the road. This area is NOT highly gentrified and still has a cool
old school german vibe to it. Speaking German would Help not req!!

So the ROOMMATE situation occurs MAY BE in jUNE / JULY when i have to come
back for a few days or weeks. I am not sure. Because of the HEALTH issue
I have to go day by day with my family situation!! I DO NOT KNOW.

You could end up having the space for one year for yourself… but i know
i have to come back june or july just to show myself…. so for a few days.
But if things calm down in NY I may return for a few months so you have
to be ok to share with me. I’m a quiet, gay writer, i usually work nIGHTS, so
it would help for the person to work 9-5 so each would have the space
to themselves…. the rent would go down to 380 a month…

I’m an older, but still funky dude girl writer! I like my space to think and write, but I’m
also super social and would love to share this space with a curious, but NO DRAMA
person who likes her space too, but also likes to hang out with a coffee and chat
here and there….. Again, I repeat, there is a GOOD chance you could have this
space for the whole time period on your own!!

Please email me a bit about yourself… i’ll email photos!!
And please please send me your NORMAL email (i always have some issues with the emails)
i’m trying to get this sorted asap.. so as not to get stuck!!
My place is now sublet til Feb 1

thanks and blessings and lets believe in miracles.. cause i sure need one now!
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