€800 Nice Room With Twin Beds For Rent In Bergmannkiez (Apartment in Großbeerenstraße, 10965 Berlin, Germany)


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Really? Tell me more...

You'll have all the essentials in this no-frills flatshare. With spacious rooms, plenty of natural light, and a great location near the lovely Viktoriapark, this home is simple but sweet.

We think this is an ideal spot for anyone searching for a no-nonsense spot to share.

Your top 3 reasons to live here:

Soak up the sun— this place is super bright.
Enjoy all your space— the rooms here are all spacious.
Catch a train across the city— a U-Bahn station is nearby.
But you need to know this...

The apartment is on the 3rd floor of a building with no elevator— fitness goals?
Your Home-checker, Thaisa, said:

“I love this property. It's just 600 meters from the U-Bahn station, and there are parks nearby.”

Help me make up my mind...

This is a nice three rd floor, four-bedroom apartment on Großbeerenstraße, Berlin. It's nothing special, sure. But it has what you need— and that's what matters.

It is perfect for anyone searching for a no-nonsense flatshare.More Information:designpalace.website/abys-nopromoted
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