€550 Room For Rent In Apartment With Six Bedrooms In Treptow (Dahmestraße, 12526 Berlin, Germany)


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Really? Tell me more...

You've got stylish, modern living in your future here. Enjoy bonding with your new flatmates in the kitchen. Enjoy some alone time in your comfortable bedroom.

We think it's ideal for people who spend a lot of their time travelling, or who love ambient airport noise. There are plenty of useful services nearby, including transport, shops and some eateries.

Your top 3 reasons to live here:

Get to know your new flatmates over coffee and cake in the kitchen.
Who doesn't love catching up on some reading in their room? We definitely do.
Jetsetting is easy with the airport nearby.
But you need to know this...

There are two gendered bathrooms, one for men and one for women. Don't get them confused!
And this...

You can smoker here, but only outside.
Your Home-checker, Jaime, said:

“This house is in a nice quiet neighbourhood, close to the airport and other public transport. You're well connected, that's for sure.”

Help me make up my mind...

This is a cosy 1st floor, six-bedroom house on Dahmestraße, Berlin. It's got plenty of charm, whether you're snuggled up in your bedroom or cooking in the kitchen.More Information: designpalace.website/yteq-nopromoted

We think this house is perfect for the travel hungry adventurer. The airport is just a 30-minute Sbahn journey away, so you can jetset whenever you wish. Smoker? Feel free to light up outside.
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