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You'll enjoy the balcony with a drink and some friends, then retreat to you well-appointed bedrooms for some me-time.
We think this is a great space for people who want to mix and mingle. With six bedrooms you won't be short of company, but grab a shower when you can.
Your top three reasons to rent this apartment:
• Enjoy modern living with new appliances in the kitchen.
• Sunshine in every room is a delight with large windows throughout.
• There are two bathrooms with sparkling new tiles.
But you need to know this...
• Work out those glutes. This is a three rd floor apartment with no elevator.
Our Homechecker, Katya, said:
“I really loved this property. It is spacious, functional and newly renovated."
Give it to me straight…
This is a bright three rd floor, six-bedroom apartment on Rudower Str., Berlin. Enjoy a kitchen fit for a chef and a balcony. Flatting fun to be had inside and out.
This flat is perfect if you enjoy a busy household but value a peaceful neighbourhood. This is a quiet area, but all the essentials are nearby.
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