€650 Room To Rent In Apartment With Three Bedrooms In Kreuzberg (Großbeerenstraße, 12107 Berlin, Germany)


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Really? Tell me more...
You have one shared bathroom and you can do your laundry at home – there’s a washing machine. Cook and socialize in the common area kitchen.
We think this is terrific for those new to Berlin. Meet new friends at events organized by the landlord. Explore the neighborhood. It’s hopping with things to do.
Your top 3 reasons to live here:
• Washing machine – a time saver.
• Organized social events – meet new friends.
• Simple shared space – few chores and more time to live.
But you need to know this...
• There’s only one bathroom – you might have to line up to shower.
And this:
• The landlord only accepts tenants under the age of 32 in this property.
Help me make up my mind...
This is a two nd floor apartment with three bedrooms on Großbeerenstraße in Berlin. It has a shared bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. It’s a clean, practical space.More Information: designpalace.website/git2-nopromoted
We think it’s ideal for people under the age of 32. Meet new people at social events organized by the landlord. Check out the nightlife. Kreuzberg is a buzzing area.
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