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Almost every good piece in the luxury fashion section is really limited and because of today's hype, fast sold out! especially in Asia people are really interested and ready to spend good money for good products, so I came up with the idea to offer my skills&features to make a win-win-win situation for every participant. That means:
1. You are happy, because of your new drip(good clothes)
2. The employee in the store is happy, because he sells obviously
3. And I'm happy, because I get paid making people happy
Now you ask yourself why should I be doing this for you, right? Well I'm 24 years young and I live in Berlin, don't have a wife and/or kids yet, but what I do have is a dream and for that I need to keep on hustling but I'm already sick of doing things just for the money and not of joy or pleasure. So I promised myself to do more things that fulfill me and I think this could be a great start. And since I'm also really interested in many brands I already have some good connections to some of them such as DIOR, BALENCIAGA, MCM and some multibrand stores.
For prices and deals I'm open to negotiate if it's realistic ofc. I will guarantee to always choose the savest way in shipping and assure you to try my best keeping your wardrobe fresh and clean.
If you are SERIOUSLY interested and/or have some SERIOUS questions, I'm ready to give out my IG or whatsapp.
Peace out,
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