Senior Backend Engineer in Node.js and TypeScript - ITONICS GmbH (Berlin, DE)

Anstellungsart: Vollzeit
Vergütung: Depends on experience.

Please ONLY apply if you are available to undertake the position within Berlin, Germany.

Absolutely no recruiters!

Are you eager to cut through the noise and bureaucracy of corporate software development? Or just wanting to make a name for yourself in a dynamic team environment? Or perhaps looking for a reason to sharpen all of your skills? Anyone interested in cutting edge web and service-based development is welcome. ITONICS is looking for an enthusiastic Senior Typescript/Node.js Developer to join our team.

ITONICS is offering:

A position with an established leader of innovation and strategic management enterprise software/solutions. Sounds boring so far. We are not focussing on millions of customers loving our location-based dating app. We make market-leading companies in all industries even stronger by boosting their innovation and strategic functions. This requires lots of solid development work and even more magic. If you are the type of person having fun within extreme complexity and building in some magic in your code - let’s talk! At ITONICS you’ll be part of the industrial dawn of innovation through insight and collaboration. Building large scale solutions to answer both demanding high level and concrete questions about the future. Welcoming experienced developers with various levels of savviness and focuses, ITONICS has a place for anyone that is devoted to technology and forward thinking. The ITONICS team is looking for eager and self-motivated individuals to drive solutions into the future.

Please ONLY apply if you are available to undertake the position onsite in Berlin, Germany. Grab the chance to work in one of the most exciting and innovative areas in the industry in one of the most exciting cities on the globe - NOW! Please send us your resume(cover letter, CV) and state your availability.

As a Backend Developer at ITONICS

you'll be taking the reins of cutting edge native cloud technologies in a micro product and microservices environment. Our squad-based approach allows engineers to jump between problems delivering solutions that will never leave you bored. With the high use of serverless and cluster-based technologies on AWS, our applications and services are designed to scale to 10k+ daily active users that immediately respond to higher demand. Solutions for problems such as scaling data services for aggregate visuals in real-time, machine learning for predictions both large and small, semantic analysis providing insights from unstructured data, and near real-time document pipelines that process 100k+ documents daily with NLP and other semantic enrichments. No matter where your interest lies, ITONICS will have a place for you.

Your responsibilities will include:

Design and implementation of multi-tenant cloud services used by our client applications (web and mobile)
Understanding of SOLID Principles, RESTful services, application design patterns, and multi-tenant architectures in order to deliver the best possible software
Striving for performance and utilizing application metrics to identify bottlenecks
Building a pure cloud solution, focusing on high availability, and servicing the entire globe
Support the expansion of our infrastructure with the design and implementation of cloud infrastructure in Terraform
You should have at least 3+ years experience with the following technologies

TypeScript, Node.js (aka Nodejs) and the NPM ecosystem, Webpack
Amazon Web Services (AWS) - especially Lambda, API Gateways, ECS
Database queries and transactions via PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch
Unit Testing with Jest
Continuous Integration and Delivery with Pipelines (or Jenkins), AWS (or another PaaS)
Principals should include SOLID, RESTful services and microservice application design patterns
Nice To Have

Experience with Terraform and virtualization using Docker
Familiarity with Unix-based systems and bash scripting
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