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Speech Data Collection in Germany | Work From Home (Berlin, Germany)

Anstellungsart: Teilzeit
Vergütung: Hourly Rate
job title: Speech Data Collection in Germany | Work From Home

Help us collect important data which will expand and improve recognition for speech impediment communities and education for a great cause.

Project Details

We are seeking valuable contributions from individuals who exhibit a prominent speech stutter and would be willing to record a number of audio prompts to fulfil the project needs.

Project Purpose

Communication is a human right, and you can help bring benefits to an underrepresented community of speakers.

Imagine a world in which AI augments human communication, where inclusion and empowerment are everyone – regardless of language, dialect, accent, or background.

• Short term commitment

• Helping developments in speech detection and recognition

• Helping build AI awareness for speech impediment communities


• Must be residing in Germany

• Must have Appen Mobile downloaded on a smartphone for audio recordings

(You can download it from your google play or app store)

Ready to get started? Sign up using the link below and begin your journey today:


Ensure you choose German as your primary language and Germany as your country of residency.

Complete the registration process and receive feedback via email or direct through the Appen Connect platform. You will see the "Continue" button on the right side of the "Unlock More Projects Complete your profile”, complete the required information to unlock more projects.

Once you complete all requirements, make sure you SUBMIT, and you will be notified via email after your application is processed. Once your account has passed the initial screening, click the 'All Projects' Tab then look for Project Cuango, and choose the "Apply" button to start your qualification for the project.

Thank you and we hope to work with you soon!

"A diverse, inclusive culture is vital to our mission of helping build better AI. We offer opportunities for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds."

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