LG HD Ready 42" Monitor Parts available due to broken panel - €60 (Berlin)


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Marke/Hersteller: LG

Greetings everyone,

I never expected to advertise with the word 'broken' in the title... however this is exactly what the computer repair shop staff member recommended to me, including the price, after displaying him my dear poor, lovable and almost fully functional HD Ready LG 42" Monitor, sadly containing a broken panel.

He recommended this as there would be people still interested in the remaining and REUSABLE functioning parts, internal and external, including the screen. It is only the panel that is 'out of order'. And if one likes to listen to the radio through their monitor... then this is the monitor for you! :-)

The still operational parts are as listed:

- Front screen
- Power input plus cable
- Monitor operate button
- Scart, USB, two HDMI inputs
- Pcmcia card slot
- TV cable input
- Remote control

Naturally the price is negotiable, and depending on how low we would go, I will also throw in a free delivery service, my self included as the courior, starting with my own 4 flights of stairs..., because that's how much I cherish this device and don't wish to part with it! ;-)

Let me know your thoughts, and if possible, from one craigslist member to another... any recommendations where else I could sell this online...

Many thanks for stopping by. Hope to hear from you either way and here's wishing you all a pleasant rest of your week.



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