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SOLD-Beautiful custom 112cm folded steel KATANA professionally made - €780 (berlin)


Bedingung: Neu
Größe / Maße: 112cm x 3.7cm x 9mm
Lieferung möglich
Marke/Hersteller: traditional forge

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Blade: folded steel 1095, sanmai construction, shinogi zukuri shape, mirror polishing, sharp with curve niku, with single bohi groove start after 24 cm from habaki all the way to kissaki, gunome togare style real hamon, tip with ko-kissaki at 1 1/5 inch. the blade shape and sori is koshi sori at 1.9cm, motokasane is 8 mm, sakihaba is 2.7 cm, sakikasaneis 6 mm.
Tsuka (handle): 12 inches rikko style, black real cotton, wraped with hishigami in hineri maki style, Same (ryskin) is real and its full wrap and black laquered.
Saya (sheath): is rayskin top wraped over the saya which is from hackbery wood, black laquerd with small dark red crooving giving it a classic look. saya parts are real buffalo horn black laquered.
tsuba: iron, Fuchi and kashira is iron, menuki is bronze.
the katana is in great shape, never been cut with, the saya holds snug and tight to the katana, there is some rattle in the saya when moved side to side. this katana has a great feel when handled due to its great geometry and would be great for practice due to its close to hand balance and light tip. the hamon markings are insane and beautiful and can not be reproduced again.
price drop from 740 to 680 shipping included

the blades are not mass produced or manufactured, they were hand forged with traditional construction methods, sanmai and kobuse. I personally made the 3D design construction, geometry and dimensions as part of an engineering project on auto-cad. the sanmai construction is made with 1095 steel at the spine and edge with the sides that are more flexible low carbon steel. kobuse was made with high carbon 2.0 percent 1095 steel at the core and edge and sandwiched with low carbon spring steel at 0.44 percent for flexibility the parts were put together in Germany.

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