post zu favoriten €525 / 1br - 72m2 - Incredible share/sublet for QUIET/WORKING PERSON AUGUST/1 YEAR+ (wEDDING) dieses posting verbergen einbl.

1BR / 1Ba 72m2

Eigenes Bad
Eigenes Zimmer
Katze erlaubt - Miau
keine Parkmöglichkeiten
Kein Waschraum verfügbar

(I will live there half the time and half the time be away, so this is a sublet
for the first 6 months, then roommates for 6 months, then sublet again..
eventually I may sign over the apt to the person... that is why this is a commitment!

note: I am a gay female hoping to find gay friendly people!! No discrimination here!!

Huge apartment / room (warm) for a good person
for 6 months,( I will be gone for those 6 months / i am the leaseholder
and i would be your roommate starting in February 2020 when i return)
This is why this is confusing.
So, from Sept - Feb the rent is 525.
From Feb onward when I get back, when you share the space with me
it is 390.

Looking for a person starting AUGUST or SEPTEMBER 1 - for at least one one year or more.
YOU must be committed to a year. Please continue reading, as you may be living half the year
on your own, so this is a ROOMMATE AND SHARE SITUATION!!

Starting in AUGUST or SEPT, I hope to find a very cool person who would
like to share my 2 balcony gorgeous apartment in Wedding.

I have a ONE BEDROOM in Wedding, but in a gorgeous green park area of Wedding. A few
steps from SEE STRASSE u9 you are totally centrally located with 10 min to HAUPt bahnhof
and Prenzlauerberg and Mitte and Moabit!!

Live in a quiet, old school building and come home and relax in this sanctuary
with 60s and 30s furniture. Old school vibe in the whole space.

You will get the bedroom which has a balcony, is huge, and is already furnished.
I am open for the person to bring a few pieces of furniture, but really the place is already set up and ready
to move in. (We could talk about this in FEBRUARY and in time I am sure this will be fine!!)

From Sept 1 to Feb 1 I will NOT be living in the space full-time!! (I will be paying part rent!!)
So you will have the space to yourself…
But in Feb 1 I will be returning full time.

I am looking for a person who works a steady job /
preferably a type of 9-5 and wants to come back to a quiet space
to relax and use the space as a sanctuary. I spend time in the apt writing during the day
so I will probably be working in the evening at a night job. So each of us can have the space
to ourselves at times..

The space has a huge kitchen, a huge living room which will be my space
so the kitchen will probably be a good sharing space…

I am looking for someone who has similar quiet tendencies… there are many cool YOGA places
nearby GHOST YOGA and the yoga on the water near PLOTZENSEE…This area is still not
overly gentrified and retains an oLD SCHOOL german, working-class charm, so hanging out in kreuzberg
and coming back to sanity is a balm in the midst of crazy berlin noise and energy…

I’m an older, but still funky dude girl writer! I like my space to think and write, but I’m
also super social and would love to share this space with a curious, but NO DRAMA
person who likes her space too, but also likes to hang out with a coffee and chat
here and there….. During the time I am around, it is NOT an apartment where SLEEPOVERS
with a significant other is possible.. this is a 2 person or 1 person apartment!! It has space.. but
will feel crowded with a COUPLE.. so please please consider this!

I am a Buddhist monk sort of gay female, which means, I don't invite people over too much,
the space is just a refuge, a space to relax and regroup, so looking for someone who will treat the space the same!

Please email me a bit about yourself… i’ll email photos!!

My place is now sublet til August 1.
I am back in AUGUST to interview and I want to organize that
in the next month.

I know this is VERY EARLY.. And if I don’t get a chance to meet you, please
just email and we could go through SKYPE.
I return in AUGUST and we will take it from there.
Please email w ur NORMAL I can respond!! Thanks

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