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Anstellungsart: Teilzeit
Vergütung: 200-3000€ depending on your role

Independent movie-makers organizing an International casting for an international Feature-Length movie that will be shot in different city’s of Europe. All positions are paid. 12 000€ Acting budget to share between all depending on the presence on Set.

Shooting time: two weeks in total by the End of Summer 2019.

A group of humans denies the notion of «identity» which they consider to be a life constraint. Their daily life philosophy is being able to be everyone, anyone in any kind of condition. They wander throughout our time, usurping and playing with other human identities. This life style requires great organization. Their journeys are exclusively given over to the search for a place and a role for the following night. One day, with the arrival of a new member in the group, Camille, the main character, sees his groundings collapse. His position in the group is questioned. He increasingly loses himself and dives deeper and deeper into the meanders of his will.

Casting :

Main Roles

Main Character: Male, Caucasien, 25-30y old, Brown hair (short) 1m80-1m85. Thin-Fit
Second Main: Female, Caucasien 20-30y old, Brown hair, 1m70-1m80. Thin--Fit (Looks similar to Main character.)
C1: Male, Caucasien, 40y old, white/blond hair, 1m85-90, Athletic muscle.
C2: Female, Dark skin, 30-40y old, Brown hair, 1m70-1m80, Fit or Athletic.
C3: Male, Eurasien, 20-25y, Brown hair, 1m80-85. Fit.
C4: Female, Latino, 35y, Brown hair, 1m70-1m80, Average build.
C5: Male, Latino, 35y, Brown hair, 1m70-1m80, Average build.
C6: Female, Caucasien, 30y old, light-Blond, 1m70-1m80 Athletic.

Small roles

Old-man, Male, 85-90y, white hair, Blue eyes, 1m60-70 thin.
Medical-Assistant, Male, 40y, 1m90, Athletic.
Street-Seller, Male, 50y, 1m75, moustache.
Woman-couple,25-30y, Light brown long hair, 1m75, fit.
Man-couple, 25-30, look very similar to Woman-couple.
Woman on the mountain, 40, 1m75-80, pregnant.
Couple Bus 1, Male 30y old, 1m75
Couple Bus 2, Male 30y old, 1m75
Dead man, 70, fit.
Car driver, 50, big, 1m80.
Cat, Orange, white, adult

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