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Anstellungsart: Teilzeit
Telearbeit ok
Vergütung: Low/no budget

Casting Call
Looking for 1 Female, 2 Male main roles + extras (speaking and non-speaking)


We are three Berlin based filmmakers casting the main characters for our passion project short film, plus a number of secondary roles with a few lines, as well as extras. The project is a concept which will be used as fund application material with the objective to shoot a feature version.
Please see the role description below.

Looking for actors who can play between 25 - 35 for two male roles and one female role. Must have fluent English, German is a plus.

The three characters are friends from different backgrounds working together at a small business that caters to a specific, niche market in the Berlin drug industry. Tone is slightly dark comedy. It will be a small but fun shoot.

If you are an aspiring actor and want to extend your reel with some cinematic footage and are generally interested in drug topics, changed perspectives, alteration of social norms etc. this project is for you!

Shooting will take place in Berlin on weekends between the 15th of June and the 13th of July roughly.

Please apply via email with:

Age (and age range)
Desired role
Head and Full Body shot
Please submit a reel, or previous work, or just a 30 second video recorded on your phone, etc. Tell us something random or deliver a scene/some lines you like from another film, tv series, etc ;)


MAIN Characters

Main 1
Male, Age. 27,
scruffy/tired looking. Bags under eyes, etc
Worn out but decent clothes (had them for a while)
Dirty blonde hair/dark hair
Grunge style but not trying too hard
Lots of worry and responsibility
But hides it well behind a cool numb exterior.

Main 2
Female, Age. 24/25
cute/smart look
Slightly goth look, but a look that can move between school and the club
Piercings are okay but not needed
Calm but quick with a witty comeback
Can go from calm and professional to anxious and frazzled

Main 3
Age. 33
Longer sexy dude hair (but doesn’t know he’s sexxxy)
Wears a combination of multiple hippie styles (has fucking crystals)
Boyish naive face
Happy and carries himself with a spiritual loving kindness
He struggles with the fact that he’s not that as spiritual as he wants to be.

SECONDARY Characters:

Main 2’s Client
Age. Mid 20s
Average, ordinary guy
Friendly and quiet (before drugs)
Not part of any subculture etc

Main 1’s Old Friend
Age. mid 30s or older
Old school rocker dude
Worn out, slightly sickly
Has been doing the party life a little too long
A little aggressive/pushy. Was once the cool, leader type.

Main 3’s Client 2
Age. 24
Self assured, confident
Knows she’s sexy and knows what she wants. Takes her time.
Smart flirty = calculated
Knows how to manipulate men/women/etc

Talking Extras

Car Client 1
Car Client 2
Average ordinary couple, etc. You might see them at a travel agency.

Main 3’s Client 1
Main 3’s Client 3
Sidekicks to Seductress. (>Client 2)
Maybe all three are in a triangle relationships
All sexually open

Main 1’s client 1
Main 1’s client 2
Main 1’s client 3
The new younger sidekicks to Main 1’s old friend.
Not alpha, more laid back fuckups
Live a casual lifestyle, stoners etc
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