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Female Adult-Models/Actors wanted (BERLIN) (BERLIN)

Anstellungsart: Mitarbeiterauswahl
Vergütung: 300

Hello Ladys,
we are now casting for high-class "adult entertainment productions"
like photo-sessions or even movie-productions.

These castings will be in Berlin and the productions start in 2021
(depending on corona-sitaution - mid-late-2021...)

FEMALES ONLY (or young Trans with breasts)

if interessted send us a mail - and we will work it out from there :-)


we do div kind of castings - starting by artsy nude pics (like
"metart"), passing by "hardcore/softcore"-porn-pics for the typical
pornsites (with all the main and special themes like milfs, teens,
amateurs, ex-gf, femdom, cfnm, fetish, blowjobs, facials, lesbian etc) and
ending at low or even high budget movie productions.

we have a wide portfolio of business contacts and they delegate the
research/casting-work to us because that makes it easyer and cheaper
then traveling around and doing it by themselves...

right now we have these mentioned photo-shootings and the
low-budget-videos (thats our daily work) - the larger two
(movie-)productions we have in the pipeline might result out of this

what we are looking for? first and most important must-have:

You must be able to walk the last mile…
(that means: get naked drama-free - and follow the photograph/director-orders.
And obviously if we are talking about a movie-project take/make the actions required)

thats the main aspect of our work - to find amateurs that REALY want
to do this.

making it for the money is the standard reason - and works for most
people in business. but it helps a lot if the woman REALY enjoys sex
and posing/acting in front of a camera. even more considering that
in a large production there might be standing a dozen technics, crew,
makeup, actors around...

since "me too" at the mainstreet-hollywood-movie-productions there are
now "intimacy coordinators" that take care that a "nude-scene" might
not end hurting the actors feeling because the other
actors/crew/producers crossed the line...
- but as you can imagine this is quite more tricky at porn-business
(but not impossible), so part of our work is to be sure that no woman
appears on a set that better shouldn’t be there (because not made for
it...). :-)

so - maybe YOU tell us what your sexual experience you have?
what are your skills? what made you answear our mail - what are your
expectations and wishes about this...?

and from there we might find the right job for you.

casting will only done with an actual corona test (as we are tested/vaccinated)

Greetings - M.

PS: if you think that despite the trillion of gratis-porn in the web we are doing this just to grab YOUR creepy smartphone-porn-pics (that we NEED to verify your look) - please DON`T mail us. :-)
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