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Female Scene Partner for an Alternative Porn Production (Berlin)


Anstellungsart: Vertrag
Vergütung: Will be shared equally.

I am looking for someone who is interested in creating a charming and beautiful scene for submission to an alternative-porn-platform. There are some websites out there featuring pornographic sex-scenes showing - or made by - "amateur" couples, with different models of payment (e.g. one-time payment or payment by view). We we could decide together which one(s) we would like to submit the video to.

I'm Timo, a 32-year-old former actor and a little bit of a dancer. I have been expressing my own idea of a sensitive and sensual masculinity for quite a while now through film and photography. Now I am eager to take this a step further and become a male performer for alternative porn. What interests me most are these small moments beyond “perfection”: Sweet little insecurities, eyes that search for a deeper connection in the other one, the occasional laughter and – above all – lots of communication.

If you are interested and this idea is more than a phantasy to you, feel free to respond to this post and ask any questions you may have. I am interested in your own ideas and motivations.
If you're serious, I will send you a link to my website with my previous work. Anything further we can discuss over a nice cup of coffee in a public space where we can find out if there's chemistry between us.


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