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best friend guidance, loop around schlachtensee - €35 (schlachtensee)

tuesday 2020-08-18

Veranstaltungsort: s-schlachtensee, berlin
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walk-and-talk - guidance and Coaching for about 75 - 90minutes for 35euro - we walk around schlachtensee.
Benefit from the calming and energizing effect of nature on the human organism.
Schlachtensee offer an excellent space where you can be as you really are. A place that offer you air to breathe (out).
Without expectation. Detached from limited space and pressure.
Where lightness is exemplified.
me: 52 (male), very experienced coach, mind training expert and meditation teacher ...have made it a matter of my heart to be a best friend for people on their path through life.
in harmony with oneself, at eye encourage them and to achieve the impossible.
Systemic and personal power coaching is a form of consulting that has proven to be a highly effective form of introspection and self-awareness with a lasting effect.
The coach is a discreet consultant and is not subject to the interests of third parties.
I act like your best friend and in a confidential setting, questions and suggestions are used to develop a solution that is suitable for you and new options for action are tested.
try it!
and find clarity!
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