Couples in LOVE for Photo Book Project (Berlin)


Vergütung: 100 euros

French photographer based in San Francisco, whose photos have been published in many international magazines and exhibited in museums, will be in Berlin in December to work on a big photo book project about COUPLES IN LOVE.

Only requirements:
- You should be in love with your partner
- You agree to do it while I take pictures

Straight, gay, lesbian, trans, fluid, ... it doesn't matter, as long as you are in LOVE. Any size, height, weight, color, age (18+). Any kinks —even plain vanilla. Actually, since I am French, I love French vanilla!

I have already photographed 25+ couples for this project, mostly in the US and in France. My pictures are raw and real, as those who have stood in front of my camera have (appreciatively) noticed. So you have to be ready for that. I don't do Calvin Klein ads. And yet, it's actually not porn.

Paid: 50 euros per person (100 euros per couple). I will also send you quite a few photos for you to save, and you will like them so much that you might use them for your social media profile pictures.

Because all we need is LOVE.
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